The Team

Mayank Anand
He is the creative director and is the mind behind all the clothing you see on this website. He is passionate about art, history, and good and innovative design. He is an accomplished fashion designer, author, artist, interior designer, and curator. 
Shradhha Nigam
She plays many roles at MASN and is crucial in ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization. She acts as the head of HR, Finance, and Operations. Additionally, she assists Mayank in creative direction and has a great eye for detail. 
Nikhil Kanabar
He is the head of administration and sales. He has been a part of the team for over six years now and has greatly contributed to the growth and development of MASN. He joined our team in a small capacity creating vouchers and checking the account books. Today he manages our teams, and logistics oversees the finances, and coordinates our sales. 
Sangeeta Sonar
She is the head of production, merchandising and manages our entire team of Karigars. She has a hand in every MASN garment that has been made in the last five years. She originally joined our team to finish pieces and do quality checks. She has grown so much during her tenure with us and we cannot be prouder.
Taslim Khan
She is in charge of stock, accessories, and embellishments, adding the beautiful details to our garments that make them so unique. She creates handmade jewelry which we exclusively sell at our store in Anjuna, Goa. Her creativity and technical skill is unmatched!